Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Nuclear Deck the Halls

With the holidays amongst us, it's important to remember the true spirit of Christmas: potential nuclear destruction. And so comes this song from The Bomblets, a new performance group in New Hampshire. (The best part of the photo? No, not the John "Bomb, Bomb Iran" McCain poster in the background, but the AC-DC t-shirt the bomblet on the left is wearing.)

Happy holidays to everyone!

Nuclear Deck the Halls

Nuclear proliferation, Falalalala lalalala
Threatens future generations, Falalalala lalalala
We don’t need no more construction, Falala lalala lalala
Weapons made for mass destruction Falalalala lala lala

Listen up this is our mission
Nuclear weapons abolition
We do not want to be fired
Time for us to be retired

Of foreign wars we must be skittish
Think of Russians, French and British
Vietnam and Afghan quagmires
Check the falls of previous empires

Genocidal threats to drop us
Don’t you think you’d better stop us?
We can use some higher wisdom
Nuclear war is terrorism

Don we now our bomb apparel
Listen to our Christmas carol
To heck with all this nuclear folly
Peace on earth would make us jolly.


Plutonium Page said...

Nerd alert! That's simply awesome. Thank you :-)

Kyle - Atlantic Review said...

Nice. The Bomblets clearly have a bright future.

The question of nuclear weapons in Germany was brought up at Atlantic Review, and it made me think of you guys: