Monday, December 3, 2007

Jeffrey Lewis: 5 Myths About the Bomb and Us

In case you missed it, Jeff Lewis put out a great piece over the weekend that breaks down five current misperceptions about U.S. nuclear weapons.

For the curious, the five myths are:

1. The U.S. nuclear stockpile is the smallest since the Eisenhower administration.
2. Our nuclear arsenal is as small as it can be.
3. Accidents can't happen.
4. Russia isn't an enemy, so we don't need arms control.
5. Reductions in U.S. forces don't matter to Iran or North Korea.

Sadly, this list really could be endless. Another myth that immediately jumps to mind is that the current U.S. stockpile is (or could become in the near future) so dangerously unreliable that we need to rush ahead with RRW.

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