Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leonor Tomero: Missed Opportunities in Nuclear Material Security

Leonor Tomero, Director for Nuclear Non-Proliferation at the Center, recently penned an interesting post in which she argues that “Several recent reports underscore the need to account for and secure nuclear material as our best chance to reduce the risk of theft or diversion of fissile material, and the resulting risk of nuclear terrorism.”

In particular, Tomero’s post delves deep into several recent Government Accounting Office (GAO) reports and argues that they "reflect a questionable approach of focusing resources and energy on technologies that are not yet ripe deployed at locations that are not truly choke-points against the threat of nuclear or radiological terrorism."

(You might remember these GAO reports from a recent post of mine that discusses how there are multiple indications that the threat and likelihood of an attack by al Qaeda, possibly nuclear or radiological, is growing.)

You can read the post here.

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