Friday, June 13, 2008

Memorandum to Obama and McCain: A New Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Agenda

The past eight years of the Bush administration have been disastrous for arms control and nonproliferation initiatives. The next president, however, can make significant progress in repairing the damage and moving these important issues forward.

As such, I recently prepared a memo to the president-elect, which details four points for a larger arms control and nonproliferation agenda:

  • Pursue a Follow-On Agreement to START I
  • Build a Bipartisan Consensus Leading to CTBT Ratification
  • Urge BWC Universalization, Advance Confidence-Building Measures, and Open Compliance Protocol Negotiations
  • Negotiate a Treaty and Other Measures to Ban Space Weapons

Click here to read the full memo to John McCain and Barack Obama.

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