Friday, May 23, 2008

Vote Results on Amendments to the FY09 Defense Authorization Bill

In good news, the Pearce (NM) amendment on the Reliable Replacement Warhead failed 145-271, with 227 Democrats and 44 Republicans voting against the measure. (Roll No. 358) The amendment would “amend title XXXI (DOE National Security Programs) to remove $10 million in funding for energy conservation on military installations and increase funding for the Reliable Replacement Warhead program by $10 million.”

In bad news, the Tierney (MA) amendment on missile defense failed 122-292, with 117 Democrats and 5 Republicans voting in favor. (Roll No. 357) The amendment would “reduce funding for the Missile Defense Agency by $966.2 million. It would provide $75 million for the Cooperation Threat Reduction program, $592 million for the nonproliferation and WMD programs of the Energy Department, $30 million for impact aid to help local educational agencies provide support to dependents of service members, $30 million for family support of wounded service members, $30 million for suicide prevention programs for service members, and $10 million for a pilot program to identify and retrain wounded service members as military health professionals to treat other wounded service members. Any remaining funds would be used to fund National Guard and Reserve shortfalls, especially in connection with homeland security activities.”

In good news, the Franks (AZ) amendment on missile defense failed 186-229, with 215 Democrats and 14 Republicans voting against. (Roll No. 356) The amendment would “add $719 million to the Missile Defense Agency’s budget. This amendment directs the Department of Defense to utilize the $719 million for Theater High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense, and Tests & Targets within the Missile Defense Agency account portfolio. The offset for the $719 million is to be determined by the Secretary of Defense from title II of the bill (Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation).”

The Spratt (SC) amendment on Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities was agreed to by voice vote. The amendment “[r]equires the DNI, on an annual basis, to submit to Congress an update of the National Intelligence Estimate entitled "Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities" and dated November 2007. Such update may be submitted in classified form. The President shall notify Congress in writing within 15 days of determining that Iran has met or surpassed any major milestone in its nuclear weapons program or that Iran has undertaken to accelerate, decelerate, or cease the development of any significant element within its nuclear weapons program.”

There was no vote on the Schiff (CA) amendment on accidental nuclear launch. The amendment would “require the Defense Secretary to study methods to verifiably reduce the likelihood of accidental nuclear launch by any nation. The Secretary must report to Congress on the results of the study within 6 months.”


Plutonium Page said...

Ha! Pearce got PWND!

If he is the GOP candidate running against Udall this year, that's one less thing he can whine about, because it would look very stupid if he did, as in, "dude, you already failed...", etc.

Ahem. I'm a happy New Mexican right now.

Plutonium Page said...

Ok, one question: what happened to Pearce's other proposed amendment, #40?


Provides that of the $9.3 billion authorized for the DOE's National Nuclear Security Administration (title XXXI of the bill), the amount authorized for the directed stockpile is increased by $50 million, of which $35 million is for Pit Manufacturing and $15 million is for Pit Manufacturing Capability. The increase is offset by a $50 million reduction in funds for the Global Threat Reduction Initiative.

Was that not included in the final set of amendments?

Sorry for the spammy comment (and potentially stupid question).

Jeff Lindemyer said...

Pearce's other proposed amendment, #40, didn't make it out of the House Rules Committee.