Friday, August 17, 2007

Top Ten List from the 2007 Carnegie International Nonproliferation Conference

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace just put out its “Top Ten Results” from their International Nonproliferation Conference, held earlier this year in June.

The results are based on the responses provided by the 800-some participants of the Conference (including yours truly), who were asked to identify the top solutions to current and future nonproliferation challenges.

Included below is a breakdown of the results, the full descriptions of which can be found here.

Top 3 Upcoming Challenges
1. Proliferation Networks Continue After A.Q. Khan
2. To Have or Have Not: The Nuclear Renaissance Sequel
3. Fuel Assurances: A Solution Looking for a Problem?

Top 3 Best New Policy Proposals
1. Mobilize the Business Community to Report Suspicious Procurement Inquiries and Tighten Nuclear Material Security.
2. Increase the Costs of Noncompliance with IAEA Safeguards and Withdrawal from the NPT.
3. Strengthen the Euro’s Leverage as a Nonproliferation Tool.

Top 4 High Impact Ideas to Implement by 2010
1. It’s the CTBT, Stupid.
2. Don’t Waver In Obtaining Iran’s Compliance.
3. Develop New U.S.-Russian Initiatives To Reduce Risks of Nuclear Exchange.

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