Tuesday, June 26, 2007

1000 and Counting

It took one month to do it, but Nukes of Hazard just received its 1000th unique visit! (Clicking refresh doesn’t increase the totals – I know, I’ve tried). This on the heels of a real person at the Carnegie International Nonproliferation Conference mentioning to me today that they regularly read the blog, so I know we’re in the big time.

In unrelated news, we received some pretty gratifying praise from a reader yesterday:

Just want to thank Kyle and Jeff for making Nukes of Hazard such a critical resource. I check out everything: NTI, Carnegie Center, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Arms Control Today, not to mention other blogs like Arms Control Wonk and Total Wonkerr. But I always come to Nukes of Hazard first to get the most important issues summed up. If you want to use my testimonial in your cable TV commercials, feel free.

And I’m pretty sure my mom didn’t write that, so it’s doubly flattering.

A big thank you for your readership and feedback and for continuing to read Nukes of Hazard!


Plutonium Page said...

Great blog! I was doing searches on the RRW and votes in Congress when I came across you guys. I think your blog is easily one of the best resources I've found, and that's after a couple of years of writing about nonproliferation issues at dailyKos.com (here's my bio, just so you know where my silly nerd handle comes from).

Anyway, congrats on the 1,000 unique hits. That's damned good. I'm the hits from Amsterdam...

Jeff Lindemyer said...

Thanks for the kind words! You have some great stuff at DailyKos too! (We would, of course, be tremendously appreciative for a plug on any of your nonproliferation posts.) I'm glad that you highlighted Sen. McCain's recent outburst on Iran ("Dear John McCain: bombs are not funny"). You might be interested in our recent post "New YouTube video on Republican candidates’ nuclear threats" that mentions a video from Council for a Livable World highlighting that some other candidates are singing McCain's song on potentially attacking Iran with a nuclear weapon. Very frightening.